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As a FS Invest member you actively engage in one of our four departments: Equity, Fixed Income, M&A or Quant. All departments contribute to our inhouse portfolio through research, backtesting and pitches in the investment board and semester projects. We provide our members with numerous events, workshops, office visits and networking opportunities with first class global financial institutions – not only in Frankfurt – but also at our annual London Banking Trip.

If you are interested in joining FS Invest, apply for one of our departments here. We hope to see you soon!

Equity Department

Every day billions of Euros are being traded in stock markets like the Frankfurt stock exchange or NYSE, making publicly traded companies one of the most valuable assets in financial markets.

Our team consists of selected students with an extreme passion for financial markets and rich prior knowledge. In pairs of two, the students share the responsibility for one out of  seven sectors, e.g. the automotive or chemistry industry. In regular meetings, the groups present their sector news as well as current macroeconomic developments which could have an influence on the stock market. Moreover, we pitch stocks in order to select promising and outperforming stocks for our equity-managed virtual portfolio with the long-term aim of investing in a real-money portfolio, collaborating with the other departments.

Fixed Income Department

Interests have an huge impact on our daily lives. Not only do interest rates depend on changes in prices for currencies or commodities, but also on geopolitical measures and economic data.

We discuss the latest news on a political, entrepreneurial and industrial level. Starting point of our discussion will be a fundamental analysis of the interest rate policy of different countries and the influence on the respective bond market. On the other hand, we also evaluate fixed income products of large global operating companies and sovereign countries – focussing on convertibles as well as high yield bonds. At the end of every quarter, we summarise our findings in a research report which will serve as the foundation of our investment decisions in our virtual portfolio. By the end of 2018, we plan on switching to a real-money portfolio in collaboration with the other departments.

M&A Department

M&A is an important and very challenging part of the strategic planning of companies. Many talented students aspire to the profession of investment bankers, as it involves a steep learning curve, early assumption of responsibility and dynamic project work, especially in the first few years. This results in a demanding application process and a high number of applicants, which makes it significantly more difficult to enter the industry.

The M&A department actively supports our members in their entry into the M&A industry by providing them with the necessary technical skills for a successful application. Accordingly, we will deal with the topics of accounting, valuation and financial modeling as part of specialist lectures, hands-on sessions and workshops, conducted in cooperation with alumni and industry professionals. At the end of the semester, we host a pitch competition in which we can apply the newly acquired knowledge. Members will be divided into teams and work out a sophisticated pitch in the context of a fictitious M&A transaction, which is finally presented to a jury of M&A professionals.

Quant Department

Technological trends as big data and artificial intelligence gain increasing importance in our modern world. On the one hand, the process of digitalization has proven tremendous potential to disrupt the financial industry as we know it, while on the other hand, trading algorithms are becoming more and more important, threatening entire business models of firms.
By joining our Quant Department, you will to get a sense of the complex world of quantitative finance, tackling topics as algorithmic trading and investment strategy backtesting. Moreover, we teach and use the programming language Python to test our self-written algorithms on the quantopian platform, focusing on implementing simple investment strategies such as mean reversion - without disregarding the risk these investment strategies involve.

Orga Department

Behind every successful organization stands a capable cross-functional department which is responsible for tasks that are not directly related to the daily business.

The preparation and execution of our numerous events, for example with BlackRock, Deutsche Bank or S&P Global, is one of our many tasks. Other responsibilities include the composing of blog articles for marketing purposes, the recruitment and internal management of the initiative`s members, the maintenance of our website and social media channels as well as the management of our annual budget.

London Banking Trip

As an international-orientated investment club, FS Invest truly believes that banking goes beyond borders. Every August, the London Banking Trip gives 12 highly selected students the opportunity to visit Europe’s financial capital London and obtain valuable insights into the Investment Banking Divisions of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions. In a 2-day trip we will visit four different firms, focusing on large investment banks to network with senior bankers, solve complex case studies and incentivize outperforming Frankfurt School students to apply for the London offices of the visited institutions. 

Real Money Fund

All the financial theory we learn in class is useless if we have not had the practical investment experience on our own.

The concept of the student-run real-money fund is to pitch well-researched and outperforming stocks and bonds in front of our investment board, which decides on the final investment process. The investment board consists of Frankfurt School Professors, Alumni and corporate representatives.

The research, the exciting stock pitches and the overall feeling of handling and managing a real-money fund prepares our members for “the real world”. By investing real-money the members learn to be accountable and take responsibility for their decisions.



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